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Our family is giving our heart to Mater Little Miracles to help give vulnerable and premature babies the best possible start to life.
Our story..
William came into the world on the 14th July, 2017. Prior to his entry we knew our lives were about to change, we were growing to a family of four, however little did we know how much our entire lives would change forever.
At birth William was unable to manage is own breathing, these were frightening minutes for my husband and I. After many attempts to get him breathing by himself, he was put onto breathing support and within hours collected by NeoRESQ and transported to Mater Mothers' Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. To our unknown that night, the hallways of the Mater wouldn't be a short visit, it would become our home for the next 9 weeks.
As the days rolled into weeks and test after test came back negative, James and I were doing the NICU daily grind, while juggling a two year old in tow. It was tough, extememly tough, character building tough. However as the news spread, our friends and family pulled together to support us each and every step of the way.
On September 1st, our 7th week, we received heart wrenching news. William was diagnosed with a rare genetic neuromuscular condition, that primarily affected his respirtatory system with no cure or treatment. We had all been fighting so hard, he had been fighting so hard. But our fight was coming to an end..

1 in 50,000 boys are diagnosed with his condition, William was our 1 in 50,000.
Following his diagnosis the amazing nurses managed to get the equipment we needed to get William outside. The battery life for his breathing support lasted one hour, one blissful hour! To get the sunshine on his beautiful face, feel the wind and feel the world. We will never forget his first time out, he slept through the pram ride out of NICU, opened his eyes while looking at the sky and it was like he smiled the whole pram ride back into the hospital. The best hour we'd had in a long time!
He was calm and the whole time his SATS were so stable. A day, a memory we will never forget.
We were so lucky to have such a supportive team at the Mater. They dedicated nurses each time to get us outside when we requested the adventure.
William was strong, resilient, wise, gentle and loving. He had a calming nature that seemed to draw people to him by the dozen. He showed us love beyond measure, he taught me I'm stronger then I thought, more patient and appreciative of life. He taught us to be so kind, kind to ourselves, each other and others surrounding in similar situations.
James and I can’t help but to notice babies and children requiring extra care now, and always wanting to throw a helping hand the parents way.
Over his nine short weeks William touched so many peoples hearts. He had most of the unit wrapped around his tiny finger. If James or I couldn’t get to William’s bedside at a certain time, they would hold him, sing to him, tell him stories, do his exercises and play him music. If we ran out of time from appointments and couldn’t do his bath, nurses would be putting their hands up to do it for us. James and I will be forever grateful for the support and friendship the nurses within NICU showed us. William loved his team, as much as they loved him.
To remember and honour William we have a goal to raise the funds for an equipment upgrade to their power unit, for Brisbane’s Mater Mothers’ NICU. This will help families who fall into a similar position with a terminally ill baby and require the same equipment. Their baby and family also deserve the opportunity to get outside.
By raising funds to donate to upgrade their power unit, we hope to bring future families joy without limit on their outside adventure. It will allow families to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, allow them to create memories, experience milestones and grieve without a timeframe of such a limited battery life.
James and I never imagined being in the position where we would rely so heavily on medical staff and equipment for our child’s life. We certainly never thought we would have to say goodbye to one of our babies so young. However this is our journey- we have been assigned this mountain and we will show others that it can be moved.
If your in the position to donate, just a little please consider it. Please help us by sharing our story to help us reach our goal to honour William and support the babies of the future.
‘You never know how strong you are, until you have to be'
Thank you for taking the time to read our journey and support our goal.
Love James, Jasmine and Pippa.

UPDATE - 3 October 2018

Thank you to everyone who has supported our head and heart goal for William, it means so much to our family that you want to back us. William's fundraiser will be wrapped up shortly but I wanted to give the latest. For the past few months (or more) we have been going back and forth between specialists and suppliers and unfortunately we were unable to locate a bigger battery that would be medical safe for the equipment (like we first thought we could). We were pretty disappointed but we continued to look forward at other options. I have been talking with the nurses in NICU for options of things that they need but nothing has felt 'right'. Until a recent conversation with one of our nurses. She told me that she and a few other nurses have been setting up a palliative care team within the Mater.

Up until now the Mater can facilitate Palliative care if the family should wish and then they involve the palliative care team from the children's hospital who come and meet and organise everything, including bringing equipment etc.

However now they have set up a team of nurses within the Mater who are ready, trained, there to support the families. Currently they're locating and purchasing all the equipment thats needed and some better versions. This is where the funds from William's fundraiser will be directed and we are really happy to apart of it.

While this is a tough topic, the reality is 5% of babies who are born need to spend time in NICU and 1% grow their angel wings. This time for families is incredibily tough, mentally and emotionally tolling. However, the option of being able to supply families with a more streamline option will make it a smoother transition for those that tread this path.

Thank you all again, Big love hugs from James, Jas, Pip and William xxx

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